Build your dream custom cottage in the Kawarthas

from the high $300s

...and do custom the smart way.


Pick the perfect place to build a lifetime of memories. A place to share with family and your closest friends. A place that’s designed with you, your lifestyle, and your relaxation in mind -- your home away from home.

You’ve stayed at many cottages over the years. Some rented, others you were lucky enough to be invited to. Each cottage came with its own set of surprises -- some good, and others you’d like to forget.

Even though you always found a way to have fun, you feel like you should have more and more vivid memories of your times at the cottage.

And you should, but memories are tied to place, and yours are scattered between so many places.

Why not build and own your own cottage?

That’s why you’ve always thought about buying a cottage of your own one day. One place to attach all of your memories. Except they’re always too old, in need of too much work, poorly located, or too expensive. You can never find the perfect cottage in the perfect spot for the right price, and buying a cottage doesn’t feel like the place for compromise.

Building a custom cottage on the perfect piece of land is the obvious solution, but you know it will end up costing more and taking longer to build than expected - custom cottages usually do.

We get it.

That’s why for over 25 years, we’ve been giving people everything they want in a custom cottage without the hassle and stress.


My expectations have been exceeded, I received so many compliments on the design and quality of construction; it speaks for itself.
- Steven Hunt -

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The problem with custom cottages "as usual"

Custom cottages have always been synonymous with growing costs, missed deadlines, more work, and added risks -- we’ve changed all of that.

Custom cottages are typically built in one of two ways:

You Buy Plans And Materials, Then Hire A Contractor

  • You need to put your complete trust in a contractor to manage all of the trades required to turn your plans and materials into your dream cottage.
  • Or, you can manage the trades yourself -- a logistical nightmare for anyone but an experienced contractor.
  • Changes to your plans may require more materials, added costs, and extended timelines.
  • It’s unlikely that your cottage will qualify for a Tarion Warranty -- meaning one of your largest investments is left unprotected.

You Hire An Architect, Design Your Home, Then Hire A Builder

  • Unlimited possibilities and opportunities to change your mind come with a (steep) price.
  • Changing your mind adds complexity to your project, costs you more money, and extends timelines.
  • Your builder will charge you for time plus materials, both of which will vary as you make changes and unforeseen challenges present themselves.
  • You won’t know the final cost of your custom cottage until after it’s built, adding stress to what should be one of your most exciting experiences.

How Marshall Homes makes custom stress free and affordable

We’ve found a way to consistently deliver what people love about building a custom cottage without the added costs, time, work, and risks.

Your Marshall custom cottage in 5 steps:

1. Choose The Perfect Place For Your Cottage In The Kawarthas

We can build on your own empty lot or on a lot that has a cottage you’d like to replace. This flexibility means that having your dream cottage in the perfect spot is absolutely possible.


2. Understand Any Variable Costs Ahead Of Time

We’ll meet you at your property to discuss what you want to build and to help you understand variable costs such as land servicing, building permits, and landscaping. While these costs do vary from client to client, we’ll factor these costs into your guaranteed price (more on this below) so there are no surprises.

3. Select a Marshall Cottage Floor Plan And Make It Your Own

Port 32 is our award winning community in the Kawarthas. Picture cape-cod style exteriors, oversized windows, high pitched roof lines, and flawless landscaping. Choose one of our popular floor plans and make it your own by customizing bedrooms and bathrooms, moving your laundry room, adding a beautiful deck for your new grill, and even designing your kitchen from the ground up.

Jul 28 - 5800-Bobcaygeon-Front - 4000

4. Secure Your Guaranteed Price

Now that you’ve decided where and what to build, and we’ve uncovered any variable land costs, we can give you our guaranteed price. You won’t pay a cent more than the price in your contract. If we go over budget, Marshall Homes covers the difference, no questions asked.

5. Step Into Your Cottage On Time And Within Budget

Once you accept your guaranteed price, we handle everything from start to finish. We’ve worked with our trades people for many years -- they do excellent work and love building our custom cottages. Sit back and take comfort in knowing that your cottage will be delivered as advertised, on time, and for the price we agreed on.


How we eliminate the stress of a custom cottage


We'll work together to customize your cottage so that it’s exactly what you want on the perfect piece of land.


You’ll get a final, guaranteed price before we start. If we go over budget, we cover the difference, no questions asked.


Working with us entitles you to a Tarion Warranty. Your custom cottage is protected and built to the highest standards.

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“Marshall built our dream home in Toronto in 2001. When it came time to build our cottage there was no question in our minds it would be them.”

- Bruce Fowler -

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